Estranged Libertine sparks rumours of an on-stage reunion today at Carling Weekend: Reading Festival...

PETE DOHERTY has sparked rumours of a LIBERTINES reunion at CARLING WEEKEND: READING FESTIVAL by playing a secret gig in the town last night.

The band are scheduled to make a Main Stage appearance today without the estranged guitarist, who has been booted out of the band while he attempts to beat his addiction to drugs.

Yesterday (August 27), Doherty arrived in the town, and played a midnight gig with his other band Babyshambles at the Reading Fez Club.

The performance took place at a festival aftershow, attended by around 400 people. The set, which featured songs from Babyshambles forthcoming debut album and Libertines classics including ’What Katie Did’, ended with a stage invasion, Pete swinging the mic stand in all directions, striking the lights above the stage.

It now remains to be seen if he will attempt a reunion with his old band today at the festival.

NME.COM understands that singer Carl Barat has been in the US, and did not return until late last week, and is rumoured to be spending part of the day in the studio.

A source close to the band told NME.COM: “Who knows what will happen if they see each other. They’ll either hug, or fight. Only time will tell.”

The setlist ran:

‘The Man Who Came To Stay’

‘Do You Know Me?’

‘In Love With The Feeling’

‘Fuck Forever’


‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’

‘Sheepskin Tearaway’

‘Sweetest Girl’

‘Time For Heroes’

‘I Wanna Break Your Heart’



‘Black Boy Lane’


The Libertines are due on stage at 7pm. Click back to see the first report and pictures later.