There are new songs too at the Carling Weekend...

THE DARKNESS played a selection of songs set for their second album and treated the CARLING WEEKEND: READING crowd to a spectacular firework display during their headline set at the festival tonight (August 27).

The band played two untitled new songs, as well as ’Girl With The Hazel Eyes’ – a new track also played at T In the Park last month.

After opening with an instrumental jam followed by ’Growing On Me’, the band played the first of their untitled new songs.

Speaking from the stage, Justin Hawkins said: “There’s not many bands who headline Reading and write a new song for you onstage.”

The set wasn’t without its technical difficulties though. The band restarted new song ’Girl With The Hazel Eyes’ because Hawkins wasn’t happy with the speed of the track first time around.

Later in the set, he said: “After this, we’re going to call a halt to all touring apart from the arena shows. The next time you see (us)…we’ll have a bunch of new songs that don’t sound shit. That’s a promise.”

For the encore, the band threw in a cover of Radiohead’s ’Street Spirit (Fade Out)’, ending with a lengthy version of ’Love On The Rocks (No Ice)’, culminating with a huge firework display. Glitter then burst onto the crowd.

Speaking earlier in the day organiser Melvin Benn said that the gig was the most spectacular he’d seen in 20 years.

He told NME.COM: “It may be the wettest Reading but I haven’t seen as many lights on this stage since the ‘70s. The Darkness have pulled out all of the stops. Light after light after light after light. They’ve imported things in from France, all over the place. They must have spent every bit of their fee on making this show the best show in the world. I love it – it’s fantastic really.”

He added: “They’ve sold so many records, they’ve really captured a moment.”