The secrets of the band's headline show at Carling Weekend: Reading...

THE DARKNESS are set to put on the ‘best show in the world’ tonight on the MAIN STAGE at the CARLING WEEKEND: READING festival (August 27), according to organiser MELVIN BENN.

The band are set to wow the crowd with a stunning light show and firework display.

Benn told NME.COM: “It may be the wettest Reading but I haven’t seen as many lights on this stage since the ‘70s. The Darkness have pulled out all of the stops. Light after light after light after light. They’ve imported things in from France, all over the place. They must have spent every bit of their fee on making this show the best show in the world. I love it – it’s fantastic really.”

He added: “They’ve sold so many records, they’ve really captured a moment.”

Despite the heavy rainfall before the event, Benn dismissed any rumours that the festival may have had to be cancelled.

He said: “Not even scratching the surface of this might happen. The ability to cancel the Reading festival is very small. I think the bands would come anyway, I think the kids would come anyway. There wouldn’t have been enough people in the UK to have stopped it.”

Talking about the atmosphere this weekend, Benn said: “There are kids out there who are camping in water, but they don’t care they’re camping in water because they’re close the arena entrance and that’s all they care about because they’re close to the bands.”

Tonight’s headline acts are The Darkness, and Graham Coxon while tomorrow at Reading sees The White Stripes, The Libertines and Funeral For A Friend will take to the stage.