Brody and the boys have a lot of fans at the Reading leg of the Carling Weekend...

THE DISTILLERS caused a frenzy at the NME tent as hundreds of fans poured out to see their heroes at the READING leg of the CARLING WEEKEND today (August 27).

Festivalgoers braved the rain to have their picture taken and autographs signed with singer Brody Dalle, guitarist Tony Bradley and drummer Andy Granelli.

During the 30-minute signing session, the band signed pictures, stomachs, tops and even balloons.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Dalle has been collaborating with Josh Homme for Queens Of The Stone Age’s forthcoming album.

Speaking about the collaboration, Brody, who is currently dating Homme, played down her backing role on the record.

She told NME.COM: “I really enjoyed working with Josh but I didn’t do an awful lot on the backing vocals. I just do like an ’Oo-ah’ in the background. But it was fun though.”

The Distillers are currently in the middle of recording their new album, and Dalle said that the sessions so far have been “going really good.”

Speaking about her new long, dark-haired look she added: “You know hair grows man – that’s all I’ll say on the matter.”

The Distillers play on the Main Stage at 4.45pm.