Foo Fighters declare Reading the best festival in the world

And Dave Grohl gets behind the drums…

DAVE GROHL has declared the CARLING WEEKEND: READING FESTIVAL the best festival in the world, and taken a sideswipe at all the others.

The Foo Fighters’ frontman pledged his love for the festival as his band completed their headlining appearance on the main stage tonight (August 27).

”I fucking love Reading so much,” declared Grohl. “I’ve been to so many festivals but this is the only one I love, the others suck.”

Grohl added it was the seventh time he’d played the event before attacking its rivals: “Glastonbury is for smelly hippies, V is for the clean people, the fucking yuppies. The Reading festival is for dirty fucking rockers who come out to have a good time. Take it from your Uncle Dave I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time.”

Grohl added that the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival had even influenced the Foo Fighters songs.

”When we write songs I always think that’s going to kick arse at Reading,” he told the crowd.

To mark the occasion Grohl even got behind the drum kit, exchanging places with Taylor Hawkins for ’Cold Day In The Sun’. “I haven’t done this in 13 years (drummed at Reading),” he explained. Grohl was referring to Nirvana’s legendary 1992 performance, their last ever UK show.

The band played the following set:

’In Your Honour’

’All My Life’

’Times Like These’

’My Hero’

’Best Of You’

’Up In Arms’

’Learn To Fly’

’The One’

’Stacked Actors’



’This Is A Call’


’Cold Day In The Sun’


’For All The Cows’

’Enough Space

’Monkey Wrench’

For the full review of the Foo Fighters and the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals see next week’s NME out in London on August 30 and nationwide a day later.