You really aren't gonna believe this...

Opera will make an appearance at the GLASTONBURY

FESTIVAL for the first time this year, when the

ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA (ENO) will perform part of


Organisers announced this morning that 91 musicians

and 11 soloists will perform a section of the work

that includes ‘The Ride Of The Valkyries’ – known to

many from its use in cult movie ‘Apocalypse Now.’

“We decided to put them on the main stage at 11am

on Sunday morning,” promoter Michael Eavis told the

BBC. ” It is all quiet at that time of day and

hopefully a bit of Wagner will get people out of bed

as people are pretty familiar with the music. It is

bigger than anything we have done before, but it’s not

our usual style.”

ENO hope that by appearing in front of more than

112,000 fans at the festival, they will reach a new

audience not familiar with opera.

“This is an audience we should be reaching out to,”

said Sean Doran, artistic director and chief executive

of the ENO.

“[The Glastonbury audience] will know the signature

theme, but they will be hearing much of what they

haven’t heard before. They will be there to hear music

and have fun and in the whole sense of the outdoor


He added: “When Wagner wrote the ‘Ring…’ he wanted a festival context for it, he wanted to reach as many people as possible and take it to the masses.”