The band's last scheduled UK show of the year is a stormer...

PIXIES played what is almost certain to be their last UK show of the year before an adoring crowd at the V FESTIVAL in CHELMSFORD tonight (August 22).

The reformed rockers delighted their fans at Hylands Park with a hit-laden set, with favourites including ’Debaser’, ’Where Is My Mind? and ’Here Comes Your Man’. The result was a near-hysterical ovation from the crowd, which the band lapped up at the front of the stage.

The band as usual said very little, though bassist Kim Deal commented: “This is the first time we’ve played, V. It’s a new thing, isn’t it?”

The set was:

’In Heaven’/’Where Is My Mind?’

’The Holiday Song’

’Nimrod’s Son’

’Here Comes Your Man’



’Mr Grieves’




’Monkey Gone To Heaven’

’No 13 Baby’



’Bone Machine’

’Ed Is Dead’

’Planet Of Sound’

’Something Against You’

’Crackity Jones’

’Isla De Encanta’

’Broken Face’

’Wave Of Mutilation’