Crimes reported at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival

Thefts from tents the biggest problem for police…

Two hundred and sixty crimes have been reported at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival site, according to police.

Thames Valley Police have said the majority of incidents have been thefts from tents, with around 50 cases where festival goers have awoken to find property, including cash, phones and digital cameras to a value of £6000, have been removed overnight.

There has also been 65 drug offences, those caught in possession have had the substance confiscated and they have been cautioned and reprimanded. Quantities recovered have mainly been very small for personal use, the police revealed today (August 27).

Police and security staff have revealed that they are also concerned by the number of people arriving with forged tickets and wristbands, and remind the public that it is an offence to have or attempt to use such items.

The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals continues into its second day today (August 27), stay tuned to NME.COM for up to date reports from both sites.