The band reveal why they fled the NME Signing Tent after being presented with a gigantic cock…

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB have broken their silence over ’COCKGATE’ today at the V FESTIVAL (August 22).

As previously reported on NME.COM the band stormed out of the NME Signing Tent in Stafford yesterday (August 21) when they were presented with a giant inflatable penis to sign.

Despite drummer Nick Jago adding his autograph to the member, guitarist Peter Hayes walked off after he had been snapped with the cock.

Today at the Chelmsford site, where they will later play the NME Stage at 6.45pm, Hayes said of the storming out: “I’m just not into bullshit really. I tend to get in bad moods when that happens. It shouldn’t be taken offensively really but I don’t like dealing with that stuff. It doesn’t set well with me so I’ll just leave.”

He added: “Hopefully people don’t get too offended but if they’re going to offend me… I shouldn’t put myself in that situation to deal with that. I guess I should laugh at that stuff more but there’s too much of that stuff going on to deal with.”

The band are continuing with their session in the NME Signing Tent today (August 22), though only drummer Nick Jago will be meeting and greeting.

BRMC will later treat fans to a taster of their forthcoming third album.

Hayes revealed: “We’ll probably play ‘A Complicated Situation’. People get it – it’s pretty easy to get. It’s simple and it’s got a good point.”

Tonight’s NME Stage headliners are Massive Attack.