Pixies bury the hatchet at Reading!

Kim Deal and Black Francis make up with a big hug after 15 years away from the Carling Weekend...

PIXIES’ BLACK FRANCIS and KIM DEAL buried the hatchet as they made a triumphant return to READING tonight (August 26) for the first leg of their CARLING WEEKEND double bill – 15 years after they first headlined the same stage.

The band, who reformed in 2004 after 13 years apart, stormed through a greatest hits set on the Main Stage that had the devotional crowd singing along to every word.

But, despite all the talk of a new album from the band, there were no new songs played. The set stuck roughly to the songs the band were playing on the first leg of their comeback tour last year, aside from ’Stormy Weather’ and ’The Sad Punk’.

Before the encore, frontman Black Francis and bassist Kim Deal, who fell out during the band’s initial incarnation, embraced, with Francis asking her: “How’s your cold Kim? Do you wanna do THE song? (referring to 1988 indie classic ’Gigantic’), with Deal replying: “I’m not sure how I feel.”

Francis replied: “Well, we’ll play one more and see how you feel.” The band then played ’Hey’ from 1989’s ’Doolittle’ before finishing with THE song, to utter hysteria from the devotional crowd.

The set was:


’Head On’

’I Bleed’

’Crackity Jones’


’Bone Machine’



’Gouge Away’

’Monkey Gone To Heaven’

’Broken Face’

’Isla De Encanta’

’Something Against You’

’Stormy Weather’

’Planet Of Sound’


’The Sad Punk’

’Into The White’

’The Holiday Song’

’Nimrod’s Son’


’Mr Grieves’

’Here Comes Your Man’

’Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)’

’In Heaven’/’Where Is My Mind?’




The early 90s American guitar revival continues on the Main Stage tomorrow (August 27) with the appearance of Dinosaur Jr. Pixies move on to Leeds tomorrow night.