Iron Maiden rise above Osbournes drama at Leeds

A triumph for the metal legends, but no backchat for Sharon...

IRON MAIDEN kept a dignified silence over their high profile feud with THE OSBOURNES as they brought the first day of the CARLING WEEKEND LEEDS FESTIVAL to a close.

Tonight’s main stage headline spectacular was their first performance since their infamous final night show at Ozzfest in California, where they claim their show was sabotaged at the hands of festival insiders, following remarks made about Ozzy by singer Bruce Dickinson.

But while Dickinson was not short of words, none of them were reserved for Osbourne, who last week took the stage after their Ozzfest show and branded him a “prick” who had “disrespected Ozzfest.”

Iron Maiden, who this week scored a top five hit with classic track ‘The Trooper’, have gone back to their roots, with the set their current world tour made up of many songs from their early albums.

And introducing a ferocious ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, Dickinson acknowledged the ideological split at the Carling Weekend between the metal and indie factions.

He said: “Some of you wouldn’t be seen dead buying an Iron Maiden album. But this track, if you don’t get what Iron Maiden are about with this song, you’re fucked.”

He also revealed that he had not played in Leeds since a show fronting Samson in 1979.

The band’s undead mascot, Eddie, also put in an appearance at the climax of the set, a giant 20ft high animatronic monster with flashing red eyes.

The setlist was:

‘Murders In The Rue Morge’

‘Another Life’


‘The Trooper’

‘Remember Tomorrow’

‘Run To The Hills’



‘Where Eagles Dare’

‘Die With Your Boots On’

‘Phantom Of The Opera’

‘The Number Of The Beast’

‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’

‘Iron Maiden’