The New Yorkers turn in a memorable headline show...

THE STROKES brought the northern leg of the V FESTIVAL to a chaotic climax tonight.

And a clearly inebriated Julian Casablancas even came clean with the Staffordshire crowd, declaring: “I have a confession to make, I’m fucked up, and the only thing I can do when I’m fucked up is sing, or maybe fuck, depending on who you ask.”

But while their set at T In The Park was marred by their drunkenness, the band turned the headline show into a triumph. From behind shades, Julian bantered with the crowd throughout the hit-packed set, at one point posing as a journalist and interviewing the rest of the band. Drummer Fab Morretti was also off his crutches after his knee injury.

They also broke with tradition by playing two covers as part of an encore. Casblancas said: “We don’t do encores but we don’t do covers either, so I guess they cancel each other out.”

After ‘Take It Or Leave It’ the band played ‘A Salty Salute’ by Guided By Voices and ‘Clampdown’ by The Clash.

Before they left, Casablancas told the crowd: “I hope the fucking begins when we leave the stage.”

Before The Strokes, Pixies continued their storming comeback special with an electrifying set on the V Stage. Kim Deal was sporting stylish new short hair, and Joey Santiago ended the set with a breathtaking feedback solo before the final ‘Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)’.

Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr paid tribute to the reformed heroes in an exclusive interview with NME.COM shortly before they took the stage.: “The Pixies are not supprting us, we’re just somehow playing after them. Please don’t use the word ‘support’ when you talk about the Pixies.”

For the full interview, see next week’s NME.

The Strokes setlist was:



’Automatic Stop’

’The Modern Age’

’The End Is No End’

’Last Nite’

’What Ever Happened?’


’I Can’t Win’

’Trying Your Luck’

’Is This It’


’Barely Legal’

’Under Control’

’Alone, Together’

’Hard To Explain’

’New York City Cops’

’Take It Or Leave It’

’A Salty Salute’