Plus, the return of the NME Celebrity Psychic...

DELAYS are planning to air some new material at the V FESTIVAL tonight (August 21)

The shroomadelic pioneers are headlining the Music Choice stage in Staffordshire tonight, and keyboardist Aaron Gilbert told NME.COM that they were doing to debut their first new material since their ‘Faded Seaside Glamour’ album.

He said: “We’re gonna try some new stuff, we’re gonna try 3 or 4 new songs we’ve been working on for the new album. “There’s a track called ’Lillian’, there’s a track called ‘Jet Lag’, and it shits on the last album which is great.”

Aaron also told us of the band’s delight at being reunited on a bill with the Pixies, playing the V Stage tonight. “We had the honour of playing with them at Brixton Academy, and that was fucking unbelievable, the crowd was mental, so that’s always a good one. I said hello, I spoke to Kim Deal, she was lovely.”

Ever since Aaron correctly predicted in the pages of NME that Greece would win Euro 2004, he has become our guest psychic. However, his visions were hazy after playing a Dutch festival last night: “I’ve just got up, my psychic head hasn’t kicked in yet, it always clicks in place, like the satellites and the suns, I predict rain, it’s gonna happen. It’s like it‘s happening already, that’s how on it I am with the whole psychic thing. I predict people will drink beer, I can see it now.”