Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters team up for stunning V finale

The co-headliners share the stage for a cover at the end of the night at Hylands Park in Chelmsford...

SCISSOR SISTERS brought the V FESTIVAL to a stunning climax by teaming with FRANZ FERDINAND during their set.

The joint headliners received an ecstatic reception in Chelmsford tonight (August 21) when they sang a storming rendition of the David Bowie song ‘Suffragette City’ with the Glaswegian rockers.

Franz singer Alex Kapranos told NME.COM: “I met up with Jake (Shears) a while ago in New York and we went for a drink one day. We were talking about how much we were looking forward to V and I said: ‘Hey, we should get onstage and do a song together, it’ll be a bit of a laugh’. 

“We sent each other emails back and forward about what we should do. We’re both huge Bowie fans, so it seemed like an obvious choice. And ‘Suffragette City’ has such a to-and-fro vocal style.” 

Much like their set at the Staffordshire leg last night (August 20), Scissor Sisters treated fans to a spectacular show which featured a host of Muppetesque type creatures at the end of the gig.

They also laced their set with a selection of new songs previously played at secret gigs in New York and London including ‘I Can’t DEcide’, ‘Hair Baby’, ‘Paul McCartney’ and ‘Everybody Wants’ and favourites ‘Laura’, ‘Mary’, ‘Take Your Mama Out’ and ’Tits On The Radio, which Ana Matronic dedicated to all Essex girls in the audience.

The Scissor Sisters played:


‘I Can’t Decide’

‘Better Luck Next Time’

‘Tits On The Radio’

‘Hair Baby’

‘The Skins’

‘Paul McCartney’


‘Take Your Mama Out’

‘Everybody Wants’


‘Comfortably Numb’


‘Return to Oz’

‘Music Is The Victim’

‘Suffragette City’