Scissor Sisters close V Festival with monster set

Staffordshire gets climatic finale thanks to some super furry animal costumes...

The SCISSOR SISTERS have concluded their set tonight (August 20) at V FESTIVAL surrounded by super furry animals, though not the Welsh band.

Climaxing the first day at the Staffordshire leg , Scissor Sisters ended their set with a host of Muppet-esque creatures and a giant set of scissors.

Describing their set as a “an extra special shot, straight to your booty, of love”, Scissor Sisters treated fans to a selection of favourites including ‘Laura’ and ‘Take Your Mama Out’, as well as playing several new songs for fans.

The Scissor Sisters have played a series of secret gigs in recent weeks in both London and New York to prepare new songs for their V Festival slot, and tracks ‘I Can’t Decide’, ‘Paul McCartney’, ‘Hair Baby’ and ‘Everybody Wants’, which was first played at Live 8, earned a favourable reception from the Weston Park crowd.

Having begun their set with Ana Matronic demanding “the head of Crazy Frog”, the Scissor Sisters then concluded their main stage set with their own cartoon creations, with friends of the band dressing up in garish monster costumes as the band played ‘Music Is The Victim’.

The full Scissor Sisters set was:


‘I Can’t Decide’

‘Better Luck Next Time’

‘Tits On The Radio’

‘Hair Baby’

‘The Skins’

‘Paul McCartney’


‘Take Your Mama Out’

‘Everybody Wants’


‘Comfortably Numb’

‘Filthy/ Gorgeous’

‘Return To Oz’

‘Music Is The Victim’

A rumoured collaboration between Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand however did not take place.

For a full review of this year’s V Festival from both sites see the issue of NME out on August 23 in London and nationwide the next day.