The Ordinary Boys shine in afternoon sun

The band overcome their fear of V…

THE ORDINARY BOYS overcame their scepticism and embraced the V FESTIVAL in STAFFORD this afternoon (August 20).

The band, who played at the Channel 4 Stage, were a hit in the sunshine, but frontman Preston admitted the band had been wary of playing the event.

He admitted: ”I’d heard rumours that the festival would be full of middle aged couples having picnics, but the crowd proved that wrong after just one song, it’s lovely.”

Playing a selection of songs from their debut album ’Over The Counter Culture’ and this year’s follow-up ’Brassbound’, the band drew a big crowd to the site’s second stage as their fans, the self-styled Ordinary Army, turned out in force.

Preston also used his band’s set to encourage the audience to keep signing up for the Make Poverty History campaign. “Forget I said anything,” he told the crowd after his appeal, “but go and sign-up, it’s the right thing to do isn’t it?”

The band also played a cover of The Ramones’ ’The KKK Took My Baby Away’.

The Ordinary Boys set included the following songs:

’Over The Counter Culture’

’Week In Week Out’


’Boys Will Be Boys’

’The List Goes On’

’Life Will Be The Death Of Me’

‘Don’t Drive To Fast’

’Maybe Someday’

’Just A Song’

’Talk Talk Talk’

’The KKK Took My Baby Away’


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