GLC pay tribute to Kaiser Chiefs at V

And one of the rappers was celebrating his birthday...

GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN dedicated a new song to KAISER CHIEFS’ RICKY WILSON as they drew a huge afternoon crowd on the opening day (August 20) of the V FESTIVAL in CHELMSFORD.

GLC frontman Dwain Xain shouted to the audience: “That’s one dedicated to Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs and anyone who supports Leeds United”, before Eggsy chipped in and urged the audience to give The Maggot a big cheer for his birthday.

At the time Wilson was busy signing autographs in the NME Signing Tent to the right of the stage as the Leeds outfit drew hundreds of fans, eager to catch a glimpse of their heroes.

During their 35-minute set GLC entertained the crowd with a series of new songs taken from their forthcoming second album, including new single ‘Your Missus Is A Nutter’.

The Kappa rappers also performed B-side ‘Shit To Me’ and debut album track ‘Soap Bar’ before the biggest cheers came for hit singles ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do’ and ‘Half Man Half Machine’.

The band rounded off their set with ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’.