Kaiser Chiefs battle on at V Festival

An injured Ricky Wilson tells NME.COM he won't be going onstage in a wheelchair...

Kaiser Chiefs singer RICKY WILSON has told NME.COM their V FESTIVAL set won’t be hampered by the fact he’s going around the backstage area on crutches.

The band are due to play at the Chelmsford leg of the festival today (August 20), and this afternoon made an appearance in the NME Signing Tent. Speaking after they’d met their fans, Wilson said that his injury – caused onstage at a festival in Portugal, shouldn’t be a problem.

He explained: “I’d like to say something amazing happened like I was swinging from a lighting rig or saving a baby but no, I tripped over a mic stand onstage in Portugal. It was a bit stupid and it hurt like hell. It still does and I’ve run out of painkillers now.

”The funniest thing is that I came off stage lying in the backstage area surrounded by all these doctors and there was all these people peering at me. I was going ‘Grrraaaahhh!’ in agony and I looked up and one of the faces was Dave Grohl holding a pint of Guinness. That’s when I stopped screaming cos I thought ‘I can’t look like a baby in front of Dave Grohl’.

”I’m sure it’ll be fine today, we’ve done two shows since and they were great. The only problem is that it’s making my other leg hurt because I’m putting all my weight on it. I don’t want a wheelchair though, Kurt Cobain’s already done that at a festival.”

Last week (August 16) Wilson spent all night in a Portugese hospital after tearing his ankle ligaments onstage at Parades De Coura Festival.