Fans at Benicassim get a special treat...

FRANZ FERDINAND debuted another new song tonight (August 8) at BENICASSIM.

The Glasgow post-punk heroes have been playing new track ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ across Australia and Japan.

While that was absent from the set, they gave the first airing to an uptempo, trademark Franz song called ‘This Boy’. It was so new that singer Alex Kapranos only finished writing the lyrics half an hour before taking the stage.

Spain has clearly fallen victim to worldwide Ferdinand fever, with their set attracting one of the biggest crowds of the night, with the following now-classic setlist:

’Cheating On You’

’40 Ft’

’Tell Her Tonight’

’Come On Home’

’Take Me Out’

’Auf Ausche’


’This Boy’


’Shopping For Blood’


’Darts Of Pleasure’

’This Fire’