Neil Tennant's costume changes steal the show on Benicassim's synth day...

PET SHOP BOYS caught up with NME.COM shortly before their BENICASSIM show last night (August 6) and let slip a few tricks of their trade.

On a second night that was filled with legendary electronica, the veteran electro-pop duo went down of one the highlights of the weekend with their lavish, hit-packed 1am set.

Neil Tennant revealed the thinking behind the show: “We’ve got a forest of lights! We always work with a theatre designer, this guy called Ian McNeil who’s actually the best theatre designer in London, so he came up with this thing for the lights.

“I do actually have costume changes, I’ve got clothes that I change into and it works with the lights. And also I like to wear things that make me feel strong. I like to put something on when I go on stage because then I feel like one of the Pet Shop Boys!”

In a resplendent full-length white coat, Tennant, along with Chris Lowe stormed through a string of favourites. Opening with ‘Rent’, the set took in ‘Being Boring’, ‘Se A Vide E’, and ‘Left To My Own Devices’, ending with a megamix of their three most famous cover versions, ‘Always On My Mind’, ‘Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)’ and ‘Go West’. They returned for a finale of ‘It’s A Sin’.

Tennant also paid tribute to the line-up. “If you like electronic music, tonight is an amazing night, because you’ve got the full range. You’ve got Einsturzende Neubauten, you’ve got Kraftwerk, you’ve got Air and you’ve got us, so it’s the full gamut of electronic music.”

Unfortunately, Tennant and Lowe could not stay to watch his German forefathers headline as they had to leave to play a festival in Denmark tonight.