Kasabian pay tribute to Oasis at Benicassim

And Serge Pizzorno promises to deliver an 'old school rave'...

KASABIAN paid tribute to OASIS as the bands strengthened their alliance at BENICASSIM today (August 7).

The Leicester baggy champions are playing the main stage directly before their heroes, but guitarist Serge Pizzorno laughed off suggestions that Oasis are now supporting them.

“They chose their slot man, they decided when they wanted to play. We’re just here to enjoy ourselves,” he told NME.COM.

The mutual appreciation society between the two bands began in Portugal earlier this weekend, after Noel Gallagher moved his band’s set so he could stay and watch them.

Serge said: “Noel came in the changing rooms and said ‘come on lads, come through, come for a beer. We were all shitting it walking in there, but it was unreal. We sat down, had a few beers, got chatting and that and they were really fucking nice. And after the show they came straight in the changing room and we were up ‘til like seven in the morning just talking about football. I’m not just saying this but they were really fucking good people.”

And they will be reunited this autumn when they tour America together along with Jet. “That’s gonna be carnage. We’re doing alright in America. Most of the English bands that have gone over have all had big radio hits but we’ve done it like we did back home really. We’ve done ten weeks out there now, it’s nice to see that we’re getting somewhere.”

Kasabian follow Oasis tonight at 2am before LCD Soundsystem close the show. “It’s gonna be like an old school rave,” promised Serge.