The organisers think up a new way of beating the touts...

GLASTONBURY boss MICHAEL EAVIS is considering plans to issue ID cards at next year’s festival.

The cards, which would include a photo and a chip with the buyer’s personal information, could be used instead of tickets to try and stamp out touts, reports the BBC.

Despite moves to personalise tickets at this year’s festival by putting the names of purchasers on the ticket and insisting on identification upon entry, touts still managed to foil the system by offering to supply their own ID along with tickets bearing their name.

Eavis’ daughter Emily said: “Rather than a ticket, it will be like an entrance card, and it really is to try to limit forgeries and touting.

“As long as it’s approached in the right way, it might really work, it might really change the system.”

All 112,000 tickets sold out within 24 hours at this year’s festival.

The phone lines and Internet site were unable to cope with the demand.