Can you help locate some of the most important artefacts in rock history?...

Do you have a piece of festival memorabilia that you think belongs in a museum? If so, then you could have the chance to be a part of festival history.

The Museum of Reading are looking for a few select items to complete the collection for new exhibition ‘Music, Mud and Mayhem – 30 Years Of The Reading Festival’, set to open on August 19.

Kurt Cobain’s guitar from 1992 is ready for display, but organisers are after the smock and wheelchair he appeared onstage in that legendary night. Former Dexy’s Midnight Runner Kevin Rowland made a spectacular fool of himself in 1999 when he performed Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love Of All’ in a dress – and the organisers want that too.

Other desirables include Jack White’s suit from 2002, memorabilia relating to Sonic Youth or Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as T-shirts and posters specifically from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Curator Matther Williams said: “The festival has very much become a part of life in Reading over the last 30 or so years – almost everyone here is affected by it – either as fans or residents. It is a rite of package that many young people go through and we are hoping to capture something of that sense of adventure in this exhibition.”

If you are hoarding any of the above, or anything else you might want to lend to the museum, email news@nme.com and we’ll put you in touch.