Clubbers can beat noise restrictions thanks to new measures…

The GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL is introducing a ’SILENT DISCO’ this year to beat noise restrictions.

So that revellers can party through the night, clubbers at particular stages will be given headphones so they can continue to listen to music at high volume without upsetting the festival’s neighbours, BBC News reports.

“By using headphones the music in the venue can go on well into the night,” Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis said. “We have been toying with this idea for years, trying to think of ways to combat the noise limits.”

The idea for the silent disco was thought up by Eavis’ daughter Emily, and the festival will use technology developed by a Dutch company who pioneered headphones for illegal parties that allows clubbers to set their own volume individually.

“Now Emily has finally got something together so the party can go on later into the evening without infringing the noise curfew,” explained Eavis of the new measures. “It’s a first for us, and I will be interested to see how it works.”