The Oasis star reckons his James Walsh has "probably experienced the most exciting time he has ever had in his life" after their recent "cock" fight...

NOEL GALLAGHER reignited his feud with STARSAILOR’s JAMES WALSH at the READING FESTIVAL on Friday (August 23) telling NME.COM the ‘cock’ fight between them was “the most exciting time [WALSH] has ever had in his life.”

The fight between the pair began at T In The Park when Walsh approached Gallagher and asked him why he had called him a cock in an NME interview. Gallagher replied that he didn’t remember calling him a cock but that if he did, he must be. Liam Gallagher became involved later that day and squared up to the Starsailor singer. Walsh has since kept the feud going during various live shows, most recently at V2002 in Chelmsford. From the stage, he delivered a message to Noel insisting it was “good to be nice”.

“I don’t remember calling him a cock in the press, but I think he was a bit pissed when he came up to me,” Noel explained. “I’d just like to say to him that he’s probably experienced the most exciting time he has ever had in his life, so good luck to him.”

Special ‘You cock!’ badges were circulating the Festival site, celebrating the launch of NME’s new ‘feud’ column. When NME.COM presented Noel one of the badges he laughed saying, “I’m fucking having that!” He wore it throughout his stay at Reading.