Those who didn't get in this year will be first in the queue for next year's bash...

MICHAEL EAVIS is setting up a ‘priority ticket’ system for next year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, for those people who didn’t get tickets for the 2003 event.

The organiser is aiming to compile a register of all ticket holders for the coming festival and hopes that when next year’s tickets become available, those not on the database will be given priority.

Festival organisers told the BBC that they are looking into new methods of ticket distribution, but that there is no definite system in place.

A spokesperson for the festival said, “We are continually looking at ways to improve the distribution of tickets… But our licence is re-issued every year and is not unconditional: our priority is this year’s festival.”

Tickets for this year’s festival sold out in 24 hours and their initial price of £105 soon fetched up to £1,000 a pair on the Internet.

Eavis also revealed that he wants the Pyramid Stage to become a permanent feature of the site, making it easier to get permission for the festival in years to come.

“It would be just the frame – not the cover or inside staging – as it looks good,” he said. “People come from all over the world to see the shape, which is a major tourist attraction.”

The local council is currently considering the application.