Rick McMurray battles on despite broken ribs...

ASH performed a Greatest Hits set at the CARLING WEEKEND this afternoon – despite a serious injury to drummer RICK McMURRAY.

A question mark had hung over the band’s shows in Reading and Leeds today (August 24) and Sunday (25) following a major bus crash while the group were in the US.

Drummer Rick McMurray was most seriously injured, breaking his ribs.

However, the Irish four-piece managed to play a full set at the gig this afternoon. According to the band’s manager, McMurray had been told by doctors he could only play for ten minutes at a time without causing more damage. However, he showed no obvious signs of discomfort.

The injuries were not confined to the drummer. Bassist Mark Hamilton arrived backstage wearing a neck brace because of whiplash, which he wore for some of the band’s set, while guitarist Charlotte Hatherley damaged her arm in the crash – although her injuries were not visible.

In a recent interview with NME.COM, bassist Mark Hamilton explained how the crash occurred. He said: “It was completely black, the bunks were all darkened off. The whole place was just carnage. Rick and Charlotte were both thrown out of their bunks into the isle. Rick broke his ribs.”