Also, Julian Casablancas gets a birthday cake, they play a host of new songs and thouaands walk away very happy indeed...

THE WHITE STRIPES star JACK WHITE joined THE STROKES on stage during their triumphant headline performance at the READING leg of the CARLING WEEKEND, NME.COM can reveal.

The Strokes appearance comes a year after their now legendary afternoon set on the Main Stage in Reading, where they were promoted from the second stage due to massive interest in the group.

This evening, during the group’s final song, ‘New York City Cops’, White came onto the stage and performed the guitar solo. His appearance mirrors that of a gig in New York earlier this month, where he performed the same song with the band.

The two groups have become friends in recent months, touring the US together. At Reading today (August 23), the bands have been seen hugging and chatting – the first person Jack White greeted when he came off stage this afternoon was Strokes singer Julian Casablancas.

Casablancas himself has been battling a injured knee, and spent much of the day on crutches. He also needed aid to get on stage and performed the set sitting down.

Today was also Casablancas’ birthday – and the rest of the group surprised him with a birthday cake on stage just before ‘New York City Cops’, encouraging the huge crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. The crowd followed it with a chant of “we cant cake”, to which the first few rows were rewarded.

The Strokes blew away early nerves, and the gig was based heavily on their debut album ‘Is This It’, alongside new songs ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’, ‘The Way It Is’, ‘Ze Newie’ and ‘You Talk Way Too Much’.

The Strokes played: ‘The Way It Is’



‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’

‘The Modern Age’

‘Hard To Explain’

‘Is This It’

‘Take It Or Leave It’

‘Ze Newie’

‘Trying Your Luck’

‘Last Nite’

‘Alone Together’

‘You Talk Way Too Much’

‘Barely Legal’

‘New York City Cops’