It looks like the singer may have to perform sitting down...

STROKES singer JULIAN CASABLANCAS is hobbling around the READING leg of the CARLING WEEKEND on crutches.

The New York group are headlining this evening – a year after their first appearance at the Reading festival. The band have been in and around the backstage area since early today. However, their singer has remained elusive.

Casablancas made it out to see The White Stripes, who the Strokes have been touring with over in the US. At those dates, Julian performed sitting down because a nagging knee injury hadn’t cleared.

Now, it looks likely that at Reading, he will at least get up to the stage on crutches, if not perform sitting down.

The White Stripes set has been proclaimed one of the highlights of the day so far, attracting a celebrity crowd including Jarvis Cocker, Perry Farrell and the other Strokes members.