A number of DJs are reportedly planning an event near the site...

Ticketless GLASTONBURY fans are said to be planning an illegal rave the weekend of the event for those who can’t get in.

Tickets for the 2003 festival sold out in record time. However, a number of DJs are said to be planning a rival event nearby.

One of the DJs told BBC news: “It’s OK if you can get yourself a Glastonbury ticket at £100 within a couple of seconds because your dad’s got the money. But some people have never had a credit card in their life. They wouldn’t be able to book through the Internet because they have never had a computer.”

Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis said it will be difficult for any such event to take place. He said: “The police will be quite alert to the possibility of something going on. We’ll have roadblocks miles back. It’s the usual season of rumours and threats. There are a lot of other festivals going on around the same time.”

A local police spokesperson said they were aware of the problem. He said: “They are very flexible, but our approach is that we’re well aware of the likely sites and we keep an eye on those sites and the likely people attending.”