Fans are reminded the event has yet to be granted a license...

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organisers have distanced themselves from a website selling tickets for the 2003 festival – even though the event has yet to be granted a license.

A warning has appeared on the official Glastonbury website, [url=], that a company has begun selling tickets for 2003 – but there is “no guarantee” that anyone will actually receive any.

The posting reads: “It has come to our attention that a Jersey based company is selling tickets for the 2003 Glastonbury Festival via their website.


“We highly recommend that you do not purchase tickets from this company as there is NO GUARANTEE that you will receive any tickets. It is anticipated that early next Spring tickets will be on sale via the proper channels and details will be available from this website of how to get them.”

The festival is expected to go ahead on 28-30 June next year, with REM and Radiohead mooted as likely headliners.

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