But organisers are determined to ensure the Carling Weekend's future at Temple Newsam Park...

LEEDS FESTIVAL organisers have assured NME.COM readers they will use all legal avenues possible in an attempt to ensure the event’s future at TEMPLE NEWSAM.

The future of the northern leg of the Carling Weekend will be decided at a hearing next week, after the licence application for 2002 was rejected amid vociferous complaints from local pressure groups.

Organisers Mean Fiddler have lodged an appeal to Leeds Magistrates Court, which will be heard on July 24. At this hearing, a decision will be made as to whether the event can take place at Temple Newsam Park in conjunction with Reading over the weekend of August 23-25.

Melvin Benn, MD of organisers Mean Fiddler, explained to NME.COM that he expected the appeal to last approximately half a day, but even if they don’t get the judgement they expect, they will continue their fight to even higher levels.

He said: “We will leave the court with the judgement. (If it isn’t in our favour)…we would then go to the Crown Court.”

As a precaution, Mean Fiddler are also looking at alternate venues within a “sixty to seventy mile” radius of Temple Newsam. Benn previously told NME.COM that a second venue in Leeds is also a “good option” for him.

However, he declined to comment on alternative venues, remaining upbeat with regard to the appeal’s success. He commented: “I’m pleased with ticket sales. I’m feeling very optimistic. (Fans) should be feeling more optimistic than the Brazilian fans did about winning the World Cup!”