Organiser Michael Eavis says the tickets clawed back from touts have now been snapped up...

GLASTONBURY organiser MICHAEL EAVIS has revealed that the reserve list he opened to sell tickets for the festival seized from touts has now closed.

The promoter had announced in NME this week (issue dated April 12) that a list would be started for people unable to get tickets first time round. All 112,000 tickets sold out with 23 hours, but hundreds were almost immediately placed on sale at inflated prices on Ebay.

In the last 24 hours, NME has been flooded with hundreds of calls from fans keen to get on the list. However, most will be left disappointed.

“Let me explain the situation – we did make a list because we thought we’d have about 500 tickets back,” Mr Eavis told NME today (April 11). “We still have to retrieve them and make sure the whole legal thing is all above board, but we think we’ve got in the region of 500 tickets.”

There will be no more than that, he insists.

“We won’t have any more tickets available. The ones that we can retrieve have all been bagged. The list is now closed, I’m afraid.”