Michael Eavis worries about the environmental impact...

GLASTONBURY organiser MICHAEL EAVIS has urged revellers to help keep this year’s event environmentally friendly – by not relieving themselves in the ditches and hedges!

The mainman is citing environmental concerns as a continued threat to the festival’s long-term survival

Eavis told efestivals.co.uk: “Our main problem now is the environmental impact on the land we use. We have had some problems over pollution of the river which flows through the site. Every effort has now to be made to prevent people using ditches and hedges. Urine is a huge pollutant and kills fishes.”


He continued: “I appeal to all who come to the festival to help us save the lives of all the creatures in the river. Then we can hold our heads up high and be pleased about all the things the festival achieves.”

Eavis also confirmed that the super-fence launched at last year’s event will return – and that security presence outside and in the local village will be significantly increased to minimise the impact of the festival on local residences.

Commenting on this year’s as-yet-undisclosed line-up, Eavis enthused: “I am more excited then ever about what we have in store this year – particularly the bands – but other areas too are developing towards daring proportions.”

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