The White Stripes drummer joins her pal Brendan Benson, as do The Datsuns and The Soledad Brothers...

MEG WHITE made a surprise appearance at the CARLING WEEKEND: LEEDS festival on Sunday (August 24), playing drums with DETROIT buddy Brendan Benson.

In one of the most bizarre festival collaborations, White joined Brendan Benson during ‘Jetlag’ – the last song of his performance on the Carling Stage. The new rock revolution party grew when Dolf and Phil The Datsuns appeared to play guitar and the Soledad Brothers added their dancing skills.

The chaos heightened when The Datsuns hauled Brendan Benson on his shoulders and paraded the singer around the stage during the final chorus. As the song finished and the band left the stage, the towering pair reappeared briefly before wandering off again.

Following her visit to the Reading site on Saturday (August 23), rumours ran rife that Meg would perform ‘The Hardest Button To Button’ with White Stripes’ replacements Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on the Main Stage.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club did cover the track during their sets at both sites, but without White Stripes’ drummer.