Bobby Gillespie says the crowd are "slaves" and "fucking spectators"...

PRIMAL SCREAM frontman BOBBY GILLESPIE stunned the READING crowd at the CARLING WEEKEND today (August 24) with a tirade during which he called the crowd “slaves” and “fucking spectators”.

The band, who were bottled by Sum 41 fans at Leeds on Friday (August 22), were in a feisty mood, with bassist Mani frequently taunting the crowd to throw bottles at the band before Gillespie’s outburst.

Just before the band played ‘Rocks’, Gillespie said to the crowd: “You are a bunch of slaves. You’re all just fucking spectators. You’re only here to see Metallica and more shite bands.”

Afterwards bassist Mani told NME.COM: “I was just trying to wind them (the crowd) up, calling them a bunch of scruffy bastards.I wanted them to throw more bottles! A rock crowd like that kind of behaviour.”

On Gillespie’s behaviour, Mani added: “Bobby doesn’t like things being thrown at him – he doesn’t have the quickest reaction time!”

Before the Scream on the Main Stage, Good Charlotte found themselves being the victims of a bottle attack from the Reading crowd.

In other news, Mel C has arrived to see Metallica.