But not before Damon Albarn falls off the stage and dedicates 'Tender' to Graham Coxon...


BLUR pulled out all the stops for their CARLING WEEKEND: READING headline slot this evening – getting PHIL DANIELS out for ‘PARKLIFE’ amid a Greatest Hits set.

The group played the final night’s slot, mixing material from their current album ‘Think Tank’ with loads of their greatest hits.

Things got off to a wobbly start though. During ‘Beetlebum’ Damon strolled away from the mic towards the front of the stage, completely misjudged it, and fell heavily on his knees onto the ground below.

“It was quite a drop”, one eyewitness told NME.COM. “He gestured to the crowd that he was OK, and somehow managed to complete the song before climbing back on to the main stage, but it looked like he hurt himself.”

When he got back to the mic, Damon said: “I’ve always been uncool, that’s what happens when you’re uncool.”

But from there on in, the band were on fire, with Daniels being introduced for the encore.

Blur then played ‘Me White Noise’, a secret track from ‘Think Tank’ which features the ‘Quadrophenia’ actor, before launching into ‘Parklife’.

Blur played: ‘Ambulance’


‘Girls & Boys’

‘Gene By Gene’


‘Moroccan People’s Revolutionary Bowls Club’

‘For Tomorrow’

‘Good Song’



‘Out Of Time’

‘Crazy Beat’

‘Brothers And Sisters’

‘Song 2’


‘End Of A Century’

‘Trimm Trabb’

‘Battery In Your Leg’

‘The Universal’

‘To The End’

‘On The Way To The Club’

‘Me White Noise’


‘We’ve Got A File On You’

‘This Is A Low’