The band speak to NME.COM on their emotional comeback…

MUSE drummer DOMINIC HOWARD has told NME.COM the band had no intention of pulling out of T IN THE PARK – despite his personal tragedy at GLASTONBURY.

The trio made their appearance on the NME Stage this evening. The gig was in doubt earlier this month when drummer Howard’s father died on site at Glastonbury, moments after their headline appearance there.

However, speaking in their dressing room at T, the band were in confident form.

Howard said: “We never considered not playing. We didn’t really consider cancelling a lot of stuff (after Glastonbury)…

”I like T In The Park, I think it’s a great festival. I’m checking out the line-up and it’s great. We’ve had some really great gigs here in the past but it’s normally raining. This is the driest I’ve seen it. The grass is still green!

“I think last time we played here was just after the Strokes before they got massive (in 2001). I remember watching them and thinking it was pretty cool. And then they were massive.”

Speaking about tonight’s set (July 10), the band said they were planning some last minute changes to their performance. He continued: “We always play around with the set list at the last minute, right before we go on so that’s where decisions to play something we haven’t played for two years is made!”

The setlist ran:


‘New Born’

‘Sing For Absolution’

‘Muscle Museum’

‘Citizen Erased’


‘Apocalypse Please’

‘Ruled By Secrecy’


‘Butterflies & Hurricanes’


‘Time Is Running Out’

‘Plug In Baby’


‘Stockholm Syndrome’