It's like Beatlemania never happened, honestly, it's barmy...

BLINK-182’s appearance at the NME SIGNING TENT drew a massive crowd yesterday afternoon with hundreds of fans turning out to see their heroes.

The band, who are second on the Main Stage, turned up to meet their fans in their hundreds, and some, who had no chance because they turned up too late, started climbing on their mates’ shoulders, screaming to get attention.

As the band went to leave, fans chanting the band’s name was louder than the nearby Radio 1 Evening Session Stage.

Speaking backstage, guitarist / singer Tom Delonge told NME.COM: “It’s mental, the kids are crazy. These English kids are out of control! I’m calling the Prime Minister over it!”

Today in Leeds, fans tried to climb security fences in order to meet the band, some having waited for five hours. 150 photographs of the group were given out to fans which acted as golden tickets.