The group want a Santa's grotto at their hometown comeback...

THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE are set to play a triumphant homecoming gig at READING tonight (August 23), but revealed that they had to scrap their initial festive staging plans.

Speaking before their stint in the NME Signing Tent at the Carling Weekend: Reading festival, the band took time out to explain why they dislike elves and wanted to create their own Christmas grotto for their set.

Bandmemer Tom said, “We thought of a Christmas theme but it didn’t happen. I like the idea of Santa’s grotto being at the front of the stage so when people crowd-surfed they landed and got a present before being whisked away, instead the usual ‘One more and you’re out’ battery down the front.”

However bassist Didz Hammond rubbished the idea of adding Santa’s little helpers to the scene, saying: ” We don’t like elves. They fucking scare me and I don’t want them anywhere near my set-up. People think elves are so cool it fucks me right off.”

If you got on a reindeer to get to the grotto… reindeers are back in! If you got one whose legs didn’t work and you put him on wheels and a track…” he added, “You could spend the rest of the gig sitting in the grotto and hopefully by the end of the show you’d have a great group of people together gathering in an inappropriate Christmas theme.”

Speaking about their performance later in the afternoon, Tom said: ” I’m very excited. This festival is always a good chance to get new songs off our chest and see what people think about it.”

“We were thinking about playing the set backwards to confuse people but we thought we’d get more confused – we’re going to introduce a new song off the second album called ‘Music Box’ tonight and it’s going to be epic,” he said..