A chinwag after their session in our signing tent reveals future plans...

THE DATSUNS revealed further details about their forthcoming second album, after their session in the NME SIGNING TENT today (August 22).

After meeting their fans at the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals, singer Dolf de Datsun took time out to speak exclusively to NME.COM.

Dolf said: “It’s going really well considering that we’ve been on the road for two years and had no time to write or rehearse.”

He added, ” We’ve got eight songs written. We’ve only got three more shows and then we’re going to take September off… We’re going to do a quick tour of New Zealand so we can try out the new stuff which will be half and half old stuff and new stuff.”

Speaking about their performance this afternoon on the main stage which included the new song,’Girl’s Best Friend’, Dolf said: “We tried to play hits from the record and we also played a couple of songs that aren’t on the record – one we’ve never done in the UK before.

“It’s weird because you want to give people the new things and want to give people the other stuff too,” he added. “You’ve got to weigh up the two because a lot of people won’t have heard you before. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.”

“It’s a pretty much a rock and roll record but there’s going to be songs on the new record that are actually older than the ones on the first album,” he said. “We’re ready to try out some of the old songs that we maybe didn’t think worked live so we’ll try and work on those in the studio.”

The frontman also revealed why his bandmates seemed to be slightly hungover, putting it down to partying all night with metal-legends Metallica. He said: “Lars (Ulrich) is a dynamo – he had these guys up until eight in the morning. We just played a gig with them in Germany last weekend in an abandoned coalmine so you can imagine a big pit with all of these cranes rotting away in the background – it was bizarre!”