And given the bands that have done it before like Nirvana and The Strokes, we agree...

LINKIN PARK headline the CARLING WEEKEND MAIN STAGE tonight in READING (August 22), but took time out before to speak to NME.COM backstage.

After a packed-out secret session in the NME Signing Tent singer Chester Bennington revealed how their set tonight was far removed from a few years ago.

He said: “It was an unexpected surprise and we feel very honoured. They asked us to do this show before and we were going to go on at about 3pm and that was just a couple of years ago.”

He added: “Now we’re headlining and it’s a giant tribute to the fans out here and everyone supporting us and we want to thank everyone for putting us in this position – it’s very hard to follow placebo but hopefully we’ll get out there and kick some ass.”

Bennington also revealed that the band are looking to record new material in the near future. He said: “We haven’t started to record yet so we’re just getting used to playing the new stuff. It’s now starting to get a bit old to us, so once that happens it when the creative process starts. I imagine over the next two months we’ll be starting to write some new stuff.”

The singer also explained how he is coping with his recent health, saying, “It was a very frightening experience but luckily I had a lot of great people around the world shooting me a lot of positive thoughts which was really cool.”

“It still feels like everytime I sing I’m going to be sick, but they took me to hospital and nobody knew what it was,” he said. “But they found out that I have a hernia in my stomach meaning the more I sing and the more shows I do the worse it’s going to get until I have surgery. It will be done at the end of the tour – in April, May, or even June – it’s very common – a little poke here, a little fix there, there aren’t going to be any big scars or anything!”