QOTSA drummer unwisely samples Glasto nosh...

Queens Of The Stone Age have arrived at GLASTONBURY – and superstar drummer DAVE GROHL has told NME.COM that he’s already suffering from the festival food.

Grohl and the rest of Queens arrived at the festival earlier this afternoon. Feeling peckish, he went out looking for food, but didn’t get entirely what he was looking for.

He said: “We just arrived about an hour ago. I just had a banana smoothie and the most disgusting fucking Mexican burrito I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Grohl said that he can’t wait to play with the band he has joined on a semi-perminant basis over the last year in their most high profile UK show to date.

He enthused: “I’m looking forward to it, absolutely. Every night! It’s going to be a lot of fun – you should come up and see it!”

QOTSA are set to premiere material from their highly anticipated new album ‘Songs For The Deaf’, later this evening on the Other Stage. Click back to NME.COM for the latest news throughout the day.