Festival goer attacked with iron bar...

A festival goer has been seriously injured at Glastonbury after being hit across the head with an iron bar.

The assault occurred during an argument between four men just outside the site on Thursday night. The 32-year-old suffered a fractured skull and was taken to Yeovil Hospital.

Police said today that 82 crimes had so far been reported at Glastonbury including 13 involving threats of violence. They are also tackling a high number of robberies and muggings – some at knifepoint – as people without tickets realise they can’t get in and attempt to steal tickets from fans arriving at the site.


But officers said the increased security appeared to be working – by this point at Glastonbury 2000, 290 crimes had been reported.

Police are launching a crackdown on the ticket robberies this afternoon.

Avon and Somerset Police spokesman Paul Gainey said: “We’re mounting an operation to lift people and shake them up a bit to stop this trend of robberies.

“Most of the crime is happening outside the perimeter fence. We’re urging people not to hang around outside the site where they’re vulnerable but to come inside where they will be a lot safer.”

He also warned festival goers to watch out for forged tickets.

Nearly 90,000 people are the site already with 5,000 going in an hour.


So far 45 arrests have been made, mostly for possession of offensive weapons or drugs. Earlier four men were arrested after 140 forged tickets were found in a door panel of their van just outside the site.