Julien Temple looks at the swindle that is modern rock...

‘THE GREAT ROCK’N’ROLL SWINDLE’ director JULIEN TEMPLE is to direct a film about the 2002 GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL.

’Glastonbury, The Movie’ is being filmed across the festival throughout the weekend, with the endorsement of organiser Michael Eavis. In addition to the new footage taken this year, the film is set to include archive clips taken throughout the history of the event.

Temple told the festival’s daily newspaper: “The film is an all-encompassing look at Glastonbury’s legacy and spirit, because it’s a major element of British culture. I’m not really interested in the bands because the really exciting stuff is just going on all around. I really want to get under the festival’s skin”.

The project is set to see a cinema release, and is being produced by Somerset Film and Video, a local charity who work with the young trying to get into the film industry.