Glastonbury fans mugged for tickets

Police arrest four in a crack-down on ticket robberies

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL-GOERS are being mugged for their tickets by fans desperate to penetrate the tight security and get into the sold-out event.

Police are trying to get everyone with tickets into the site at Pilton, Somerset, as quickly as possible to crack down on the robberies.

Meanwhile, four men have been arrested after more than 140 fake festival tickets were discovered in a van.

Officers stopped and searched the van near the perimeter fence of the site and found the batch of forged tickets concealed behind a door panel.

The four men inside were arrested on suspicion of deception and taken to the custody suite at the Bath and West Showground for questioning.

“Tickets have become a very valuable commodity and quite a lot of people are being robbed,” said a Somerset and Avon police spokesman at the site.

“We want to get people in as quickly as possible as once they are in, they’re protected and then hopefully the problem will stop.”

Inspector Andy Jackson added: “Customers are being warned not to buy tickets on the black market from touts.

“Staff at the gates know what to look for and there is no way that anyone will be allowed onto the site with a fake ticket.

“The best way to spot a forgery is to tear the ticket – the real ones will reveal a bright red section. Also the fake tickets do not contain the proper embossed hologram on the end.”