After a series of problems in getting this year's bash up and running, there's another issue to overcome...

A last minute meeting on the future of this weekend’s LEEDS FESTIVAL will take place this evening (August 19).

An emergency meeting of Leeds City Council is taking place following the revelation that planning permission has not been obtained for a temporary road to the site at Bramham Park near the city.

One Conservative councilor who is opposed to the festival is seeking an injunction to stop the roads being used.

“If fans can’t get onto the site, then I don’t see how it can take place,” councilor John Procter told the Yorkshire Post newspaper. “This may seem an extreme stance but we surely cannot afford to send out the message that people don’t need to apply for planning permission in Leeds if they don’t feel like it.”

According to the report, a council report recommends the planning panel doesn’t take “urgent enforcement action” such as an injunction, and for the injunction eleven councilors would have to be in favour.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 5pm.

Organisers Mean Fiddler have issued a statement to fans concerned for the future of the festival. “The event will happen, the access ways will work and a great festival will be had”, MD Melvin Benn said.