The Charlatans singer speaks to NME.COM at V...

TIM BURGESS played his new solo material for the first time at a UK festival on Saturday (August 16) and declared the performance “the most important day of my life”.

The Charlatans singer packed out the NME tent during the afternoon at the V Festival in Stafford, but admits that he was very nervous about taking to the stage.

Burgess told NME.COM:  “It’s the first festival Tim Burgess and The Fruits, or Tim Burgess and The Pirates or Tim Burgess and The Messengers – whatever we’re called – have played…  the recording and the making of the new record have given me a new sense of confidence.”

He added: “No-one’s heard the new album but a lot of people turned up – halfway through it felt like the most important day of my life – apart from being born!”

The singer also added a reggae flavour to his set: “We played two reggae songs that aren’t on the album…  one [a][/a] cover version – ‘Who The Cap Fit’.

He said: “I heard it one night and I knew that I had to cover it and bring it into this age.  We also played ‘Wait Till The Sun Shines’ – I was so nervous before we went on stage but it sounds really good.”