And we've got a list of people who've already won...

OK, we’ve just about finished sifting through the festival pictures, gossip and reviews you’ve been sending us since, oh since those heady days of Glastonbury as far back as June 2003. Just as we thought, you’re a mad bunch of sunburnt music fiends who like a drink or 20 while pulling moonies for the camera. Fantastic.

However, we’ve had to select some of the more printable pictures and opinions (as seen on the [url=]NME/Orange Your Shout! website) to win some T310 Sony Ericsson phones with £50 worth of vouchers and some extremely useful festival kits.

The following people win a phone and a festival kit:

DJ Pumpkin Pumpkin

Gabrielle Slade

Nik Moore

Tom Payne

Mark Wheaver

The following get festival kits:

David Pennington

Chris Taylor

Myles Cooper


Steven Connor

Mat Harrison

Dave Griffiths

Mr Horse

Diana Thompson

Paul B

Tim Harper

John Dutton

Chris Birt

Katie-Victoria Thomas

Mike Dean

Shane Sweeney

Chris Barker

Kane Frisby

Andrew G

Karen Sem

Angie Somerside

We’ll be contacting all the winners soon to arrange delivery.

If your name isn’t here then don’t worry, there is still time to transfer out of the loser camp. We now want your pictures, gossip and reviews from V and the Carling Weekend. So bring along your phones, digital cameras or some kind of technical wizardry capable of taking pictures we can put up on the interweb and email them to us Plus, text us any gossip you find out along with your own brief reviews to 83118.

Congrats to all the winners above and good luck to the rest of you for the 2003 festival season part 2.

Take a look at the Your Shout! website by clicking [url=]here.