Arrests expected by end of week...

Police in LEEDS say they have identified at least half of the people they claim were ring-leaders in rioting following the CARLING weekender this summer, following an appeal for information.

Last week, the West Yorkshire force published a rogues gallery of 24 photos featuring young men they claim were “principally involved” in disturbances at Temple Newsham site in Leeds at the close of this year’s festival. A spokesperson said that due to information received from the public, police expect to make arrests this week.

Anyone identified will be questioned and could face charges relating to arson, criminal damage, assault and public order offences.

Rioting started in the early hours of August 26, at the close of the festival. Up to 500 fans went on the ramage during the disturbances burning down 71 toilets. A portacabin was also destroyed.

Over 200 police, many in riot gear, were deployed in a bid to contain the violence. They were attacked with bottles and other missiles by rioters. Rioting continued for several hours.